“There is one thing a photograph must contain – the humanity of the moment.” – ROBERT FRANK


Hello - this is me (photographed here with my darling, by our friend Tatum). I have been a photographer since 2002 - I started with film photography and moved to digital in '08. I still enjoy capturing moments with my old Nikon - if we end up working together, I might pull it out for a few frames!

I live near Montreal, in a picturesque village known for its craft beers and vineyards. My wife is an actor/singer and we tied the knot back in '06. We have 3 children - Mathys, Florian & Poème.

I love colours, textures and the fleeting dance of light. I devote a great deal of my craft capturing all three: I appreciate how they collide beautifully to create unique images. And on the special occasion of two hearts being joined, this form of art is all the more heightened by the sacred nature of the bonds of marriage.


As a wedding photographer, my main pursuit is to tell your story through the lens of creative aesthetic - capturing the emotion, movement and connection of your celebration.

To best tell your story, I mostly adopt a documentary-style approach: I like to remain discreet and out of the spotlight. I also make sure to cover the close-up details of decoration, set-up and scenery that make up the background of your day. And when it comes to the official couple portrait session, we work a bit of magic together to create authentic, meaningful and intimate frames that look like you.


We love what we see. Where do we go from here?
Thank you! This is so important to me - to work with couples who connect with my style & vibe. The best is to shoot me an email or call me (514-983-2577). Either way, I will be glad to tell you more about my approach, answer any questions you may have and find out more about you!
What are your rates?
My wedding photography packages depend on your needs and desires. My most popular package is priced at $4,000. It includes a full day of coverage to best tell your story, a pre-wedding photoshoot so we get used to working together, all final images edited, my unique eye & perspective, top of the line gear to ensure the best possible results, and last but not least- fun and enthusiastic service from beginning to end. I always aim for enjoyable creative collaborations. Tell me about your vision and we'll tailor something just for you.
Do you work with a second photographer?
I used to and I occasionally still do. But over the years, I have developed an approach of effective solo work. I'm a bit of a ninja and can move around unnoticed, without getting into anyone's face (long lenses help!). But whenever necessary, I do have several good friends who are amazing photographers and if you want 2 photographers at your wedding, we'll totally make it happen!
What if we're not comfortable in front of a camera?
Then you'll be like 99% of my clients. Most people (if not all) aren't naturally comfortable in front of a camera. I rarely work with models (and even they can get uncomfortable...) so that's part of the magic I work and why people love working with me. I make people look good and relaxed without staging much. A lot of the efficiency in my approach also lies in the fact that I collaborate with my clients as closely as possible before their wedding day. I have tons of good tips for them too! Becoming comfortable with me is key to feeling comfortable in front of my lens.
When can we expect to receive the images?
Most weddings happen between May and October, so I often shoot weddings back to back during that season. I like to make sure I have enough time to properly cull through and edit your images, so the delivery time is 8 weeks on average. Sometimes it ends up being under... sometimes slightly over, but if that's the case, you'll get a heads up from me.
How many weddings have you shot?
I've stopped counting but it's well over 100. In the process, I can humbly say I have become a pro at it. It's my jam and I actually LOVE it. Some of my human qualities that make me a great wedding photographer? I keep my cool under pressure. I'm very sociable and I get along with the crowd, so you won't see me sticking out like a sore social thumb. I wholeheartedly believe in marriage: sacred + beautiful.
Where are you located? Do you travel to shoot weddings?
I live in the absolutely beautiful and picturesque region of the Eastern Townships, in a small village known for its vineyards, microbrewery and kind people. I love it when people get married in my neck of the woods (I know tons of spots!) but I most often travel to shoot weddings. I have shot weddings in North America and Europe, and many of course in the Montreal area. There's no extra charge for my travels within a 100km radius from my place (which includes Montreal). Beyond that, it all depends on the destination, airfare and so forth.
Do you shoot elopements?
I do. And I love raw & remote locations and the challenge of accessing them. You want to escape on a hilltop, rugged beach or ancient forest? I'm down and I will do all I can to help you plan out the photographic aspect of the adventure! Packages for elopements start at $2500, not including transportation (unless in a 100km radius from my place).
Do you only shoot weddings?
I'm passionate about people and there happens to be a lot of people at weddings so that's great! It's the connection, the emotions, people's unique traits that interest me in photography. So, I also do individual portrait sessions, professional headshots, family sessions. Basically, I'm up for whatever combines cool people and cool locations!
Is there anything else we should know?
Probably! Email me or call me! Let's chat it up and see where we go from here. I'm sure we'll create a beautiful visual story that is meaningful to you.


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